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tryptamin HCL tips

Syringe Diluting Casing Bedding
Rye Grain Method Alternative Fruiting Chamber Making Spore Syringes

Making Spore Syringes

After having little success in making a sterile spore syringe I added another step to decrease contamination.
Proceed with taking a spore print in the manner described in the mmgg.

Sterilize many syringes including a larger (25-50cc) syringe. Draw sterilized water into all syringes. Open your half pint jar with your print in it and use your big syringe to fill the jar half way without trying to disturb the spores. Now you should have a jar half full of water with the spores still stuck to the bottom.

Now take your other syringes and penetrate the top layer of water and while keeping the needle under the water inject about a half cc of water and scrape a little of the spores off the bottom and suck them in. Be sure to keep the needle under water the whole time. Repeat this step until you are all finished. Discard the rest of the print and the half jar of water.

This method works well because any contaminants that may come into play after you open the jar will float on top of the water and all the work is done under the water.

sent to us by mycelium5150.




Tryptamine HCL tips:


First off, the PF tryptamine cubensis variation works very well,except that the main head-wriggling compound produced is psilocin as opposed to the more shelf stable psilocybin.

As many may have already figured out, there just isn't enough phosphorus in the substrate to support psilocybin production...quite simply, it is used up. My answer to this was to add a small amount of phosphoric acid (H3PO4)to the water at the same time you add the tryptamine HCl, and adjust to neutral to wide-base Ph paper using NaOH.

I admit to a small amount of salt formation, but I haven't seen adverse results from the tiny bit of NaCl produced. A reminder is that many of the best hunting places in Fla. and Texas are saltmarsh and near-coastal lowlands.

I figure the organism is already accustomed to a small amount of salts in it's diet. This will give the mushie substrate enough Phosphorus to complete the conversion of psilocin to psilocybin in vivo. Hence, when you dry and store your mushrooms properly, the more stable psilocybin molecule is retained as opposed to psilocin, which oxidizes rather quickly.






from trevorc:
I have some tips for you on that method.

1- you must pressure cook the jars of rye grain. Boiling them just does not work to sterilize. I have found that out the hard way and so have you. I did not believe this when someone told me but I tried it anyways and it work 90% successes rate. I only lost one out of every Ten jars. I found I got contamination blue green mold and a slimy light brown sludge on the culture when just boiling them also slow slow growth.

Try to pressure cook it and you will have success also add soil conditioner* to your mixture of ryegrain and water this sets the ph properly

(* could use crushed chalk, oyster shell or the easy thing to find is calcium carbonate 1/4 teaspoon or a large pinch).

The rye is the food for the mycelium to feed on and when the Ph is proper the food is easier to digest thus speeding growth. like our stomachs. This does not speed it dramatically but will help.

Also the amount of light given during culturing affects it. The best thing for its is complete darkness and a temp of about 76-82 degrees these are the determining factors in how well and fast it grows.

Now when you have a couple %100 cultured rye grain jars. you can use them to make 1000s more. Take one jar and shake it up to loosen the mycelium so there are just white colored loose rye grains in the jar no clumps let sit for 14 hours to let the mycelium wake up or regain growth.

Now prepare 8-10 more uncultured jars by using the mixture of

1 cup-rye
1/4 teaspoon chalk or calcium carbonate.

pressure cook them and let them cool for 3 hours then in a sterile transfer chamber(make one) put the 8 jars in plus the fully cultured jar.

Now un cap the cultured jar and dump 1/10th of the mycelium into the uncultured jar and close the lid, repeat for all ten jars. Then shake up those jars to spread the mycelium though the uncultured jar.
Let stand in its climate (dark and warm) for 4 days you will see hard-core growth about %50 of the jar will be cultured
you can shake the jar again to spread the mycelium evenly throughout the uncultured areas.
In about another 4-5 days the jar will be fully cultured.

This method really works and you don't have to keep using the spores as they take longer to culture and are hard to collect without causing contamination to them. By using this method you cut out one step in a three step procedure-

Steps are
1-spore germination produces
2-mycilum production which produces
3-fruiting or mushroom growth.

Now you only ever have to 2 produce mycelium and 3 induce fruiting. If you have any questions on this or another question feel free to ask me my E-mail is Trevorc@rocketmail.com



Spore Syringe Diluting!!

from guitar9
Here is a tip I learned from being a cheap bastard.
I first started paying ten dollars for the pf syringes and it calls for 1 cc per jar.
I noticed that was far more than was needed.I tried diluting 1 pf syringe into a pint of sterilized water(spring water).That gives you the opportunity to inject more solution to cover more surface area thus shorting your incubation time and you get 20-30 syringes that way(i cant tell a difference between diluted and undiluted!)Keep the solution in the fridge for storage.I ran into a problem with contamination when you use them for a long time when you use a lid with a hole.I solved this problem by purchasing a filter disc for the top of my pint jar,when you extract the solution,unwanted air and contaminates want to enter due to equalization of air pressure.If you use a filter and flame sterilize the syringe and burn a perfect size hole for the needle you wont have this problem,just remember to put a piece of tapeover the hole.Pf instructions for spore solution did not address this problem.Also use petri dishes for spore prints and burn perfect hole in the side an inject water ,extract,and dilute.Also works for mycelium cultures.I could never afford hepa filters so I had to use what i had,now im glad!!:-)i have grown many wild strains this way too!!! Thanks NFSG you brought a tear to my eye when I found you!!!!




Here is a tip from a reader about what to do with you cakes after they are almost done fruiting: It is called Casing!!! And sounds like a damn smart idea. EnJoy!!!!!!!!!

Take some Tupperware trays about 6" by 10" and crumple up a few of the cakes when they are at or close to their max age. Throw seran wrap over this and let it grow for about 3 days. Then case it with moist vermiculite and again cover with seran wrap. Leave this in a warm place but not necessarily in the terrarium. The little kids will be growing in no time. When most of the surface of the vermiculite looks about colonized take off the wrap and put it into the terrarium.




from the So. Cal. 421 Kids............
i tried breaking up3 dead cakes in a tupper ware bowl about 5 in.x5in. i broke them up andspread the cakes all along the bottom of the tupperware, then i wrapped the tupperware in seran wrap.i left the Tupperware in a dark place.By doing so it helps the mycelium to start togrownew fuzz.about 4 days later i took out the Tupperware and unwrapped it.then i got some damp vermiculite,{not muddy;just moist} and made a thin layer over the fuzzier cakes.i wrapped it again and left alone for about 7 days to let the mycelium grow more.after that i put the Tupperware in my terrarium.now about 6 days later of hand spraying and perlite i have fresh, brand new ,home boys coming in.just make sure you give the cakes time to re-grow the mycelium!



Fruiting Chamber From Toad B Shrewman

I have been following methods of cake growers for a couple years and most seem to be using aquariums or coolers. Here is what I have always used and it's time I posted it so others can try it too. I "think" it's somewhat original so please pass it on.

If you go to Home Depot or a large hardware center, go to the plumbing area and look for the plastic laundry sinks. There is one made of a PVC material and is about $20. Here is a description: White plastic sink comes with four detachable legs-when assembled stands 2ft 8in tall, the sink chamber is about 12in deep with a 20x20in square opening on top that has a 3/16th inch high lip or rim running around it. The opening MUST have this rim. The bottom of the sink chamber has(of course)a drain hole in the bottom.(see where im going with this?)

Now, get the sink and take an EXACT measurement of the opening INSIDE the rim on top(should be around 21 1/2 x 22 3/8 inches square)then have a piece of glass cut to that size, line the edges of the glass with duct tape and you have your chamber lid. The duct tape acts to seal the chamber cuz the rubberized tape surface is resting on the plastic sink while the glass square is lying inside the rim of the sink. If you dont see a place to lay the glass or the opening comes straight up with no rim, you gots da wrong sink(look for this rim).

Use the method of your choice to keep the cakes off the bottom. If you do not use a bubbler jar you can fit about 12 cakes in the bottom. The drain in the bottom is self explanatory and you can get a plug to fit it or rig up an external valve on the outside pipe so you dont have to open the chamber to drain it(no more tilting coolers or turkey basting aquariums):-). The plastic sink is very easy to drill into so measure the area for your drip shield, get the glass and hold it up with some screws or something pushed through the sides. If you use the ultrasonic just cut the needed holes.
My sink method can't be EXACTLY instructed cuz every individual has different preferences.

ADVANTAGES ARE: Good fitting glass lid-(no making a frame with plastic).
Elevated chamber-(stands on its own legs).
Drain built in-(obvious advantage).
Fits up to 12 rice cakes-
Adapts to your method-(drill and cut holes with more variety).
Hide your project quick-(is grandma dropping by? Just throw a sheet over the thing, set a vase and a bowl of plastic fruit on top, cuz its waist high like a table).


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